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tri-Pride Celebrations (1995-2006; 2008- )

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tri-Pride Celebrations

Publishing History: Documents issued by Waterloo Wellington Regional Pride Committee from 1996 to Fall 2002 and then by tri-Pride Community Association Inc. from Fall 2002 onward.

Copyright Permission: Copies of individual documents have been reproduced with the kind permission of its copyright holder, tri-Pride Community Association Inc. This permission is part of a broad agreement to grant the Grand River Rainbow Historical Society copyright permission to reproduce publications of the tri-Pride Community Association Inc. under its current name, tri-Pride Community Association Inc., and its prior names back to its inception in 1995. No further reproduction is permitted.

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Pride 2004: Evolution - A New Universe
2004, May 29 (Saturday) - June 6 (Sunday)
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Digital Copy
2004 tri-Pride Logo Original PDF was supplied by Ryan Ahrens (tri-Pride Association webmaster from 2003-2005). 2004 tri-Pride Logo
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2004 tri-Pride Poster Original PDF was supplied by Ryan Ahrens (tri-Pride Association webmaster from 2003-2005). 2004 tri-Pride Poster
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May 29th - June 6, 2004 Pride Guide GRRHS Collection (donated from the Parrott/Pensaert Collection) 2011-03-16