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Booklets, Posters, etc. for Events:
tri-Pride Celebrations (1995-2006; 2008- )

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tri-Pride Celebrations

Publishing History: Documents issued by Waterloo Wellington Regional Pride Committee from 1996 to Fall 2002 and then by tri-Pride Community Association Inc. from Fall 2002 onward.

Copyright Permission: Copies of individual documents have been reproduced with the kind permission of its copyright holder, tri-Pride Community Association Inc. This permission is part of a broad agreement to grant the Grand River Rainbow Historical Society copyright permission to reproduce publications of the tri-Pride Community Association Inc. under its current name, tri-Pride Community Association Inc., and its prior names back to its inception in 1995. No further reproduction is permitted.

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Redaction: Certain parts of the digitized text have been blacked out in accordance with our Redaction Policy. The Grand River Rainbow Historical Society maintains a separate collection of unmarked (unredacted) copies of these documents for consultation as necessary.
Pride 2003: Tribes
2003, June 9 (Monday) - June 15 (Sunday)
Physical Description
Collection & Provenance
Digital Copy
2003 tri-Pride Logo The GIF was retrieved by the Wayback Machine - taking an image from the 2003, Sept.27 crawl of (the earlier URL for the website). .
2003 tri-Pride Logo
GIF file [22 K.]
2003 Tribes The Pride Guide June 9-15th 2003 GRRHS Collection (donated from the Parrott/Pensaert Collection) 2011-03-15  
Programme for Canadian AIDS Memorial Quilt: 2003, June 12 (Thursday) - June 15 (Sunday)
The programme had 8 pages; its format size was 21.6 cm x 14.0 cm (8.5" x 5.5").
GRRHS Collection (donated from the Parrott/Pensaert Collection)
Rainbow Chorus Archives (loaned for digitization)
2003, June 12-15 Canadian AIDS Memorial Quilt
PDF file [6.5 Meg.]
The Rainbow Chorus performed at the Closing Ceremony in the Victoria Park Pavilion on June 15 (Sunday) as part of tri-Pride 2003; a listing of the pieces at that performance is given on p.5 of this document. Copyright for this document rests with the AIDS Quilt Committee: Tri-Cities and Area. In an email message dated 2013, April 23 from Michael Strickland, and on behalf of Dave Olesen, the Grand River Rainbow Historical Project was granted copyright permission to reproduce materials created by the AIDS Quilt Committee: Tri-Cities and Area.
Poster for Guelph Pride - 1st Annual Picnic: Picnic in the Park, 2003, June 14 (Saturday)
The poster is printed on 27.9 cm x 21.6 cm (11.0" x 8.5") paper.
Rainbow Chorus Archives (loaned for digitization)
2003, June 14 Guelph Pride Poster
PDF file [1.0 Meg.]
The year is not given on the poster. Although the poster is filed in the Rainbow Chorus Archives with the 2003/2004 Season near items in 2004, the event cannot have been held in 2004, since June 14 fell on a Monday in 2004. In addition June 14 fell on a Saturday in 2003. We know from other evidence about Guelph Pride that the only Guelph Pride event from 2003 to 2012 to fall on June 14, was in fact the first picnic, which was in 2003. Hence we conclude that this poster is for an event in 2003.